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These are the neighborhoods with character. 

Berkeley Park, in Northwest Denver, is a vibrant and up-and-coming community located on Tennyson Street between 38th and 44th Avenues. Experience the charm of diverse architecture options that range from classic brick bungalows and old Victorians to modern duplexes and townhomes.

Capital Hill is a neighborhood Steeped in history Step into the past as you explore the charming streets of Cap Hill. Home to historical landmarks such as the majestic Colorado State Capitol building and Millionaire’s Row, you’ll genuinely feel connected to Denver’s fascinating heritage. Cap Hill isn’t just about its historic charm. Thanks to its vibrant selection of restaurants, boutiques, bars, and museums, this trendy neighborhood is bursting with life. Discover hidden gems that will awaken your senses and leave you craving more.

Cheesman Park, a neighborhood near Capital Hill, boasts picturesque homes and one of the city’s most beloved parks. Spanning just 11 city blocks, this downtown oasis is packed with outdoor activities and is home to the breathtaking 24-acre Denver Botanic Gardens. Does Cheesman Park hold a chilling secret? Before transforming into a beautiful outdoor sanctuary, this spot was the Denver City Cemetery. In 1890, over 5,000 graves were relocated to make way for what we see today. Legend has it that not all the spirits were at peace…Legend also has it that not all bodies were removed.

Cherry Creek is not just a neighborhood; it’s a way of life. Known for its upscale charm and vibrant atmosphere, Cherry Creek offers a unique blend of luxury living and a convenient location.

You’ll find many trendy boutique hotels, designer retailers, and high-end apartments and condos. This coveted neighborhood has gained a reputation for being high-end and certainly lives up to its name.

One of the most compelling aspects of Cherry Creek is its proximity to downtown Denver. While just minutes away from the city’s heart, Cherry Creek maintains its distinctive vibe that residents and locals adore.

Five Points has a story to tell. Immerse yourself in the sounds of jazz music and embrace the African American heritage that has shaped this remarkable community.

Step into the 1800s as you explore Five Points, a neighborhood that has gracefully evolved over the years. Witness how this iconic area has retained its historical integrity while adapting to modern times.

The Five Points Business Improvement District was established with a mission to support small businesses and preserve the neighborhood’s rich history. By choosing a home in Five Points, you’re not just joining a community – you’re contributing to its growth and sustainability.

The Golden Triangle, Bound by Speer Blvd, Colfax Ave, and Lincoln St, is not just a neighborhood – it’s a captivating experience! Immerse yourself in the rich history and boundless creativity that this area has to offer.

With eight world-class museums like the Denver Art Museum and the History Colorado Center, as well as over 50 galleries, studios, shops, and restaurants – you’ll never run out of things to do or see. The Golden Triangle is a hub of artistic expression!

In addition to its cultural significance, the Golden Triangle is renowned for its truly unique architecture. From visionaries like Michael Graves and I.M. Pei to Daniel Libeskind – their masterpieces adorn both homes and businesses throughout the neighborhood.

The homes in this area are steeped in history and charm. You’ll find a delightful mix of 19th-century gems alongside beautifully crafted modern residences. Whatever your taste may be, there’s a perfect home waiting for you.

The Highlands, including Highland, and West Highland, is perched on the hills above Downtown Denver. Divided into three districts – Highlands Square, Lower Highland (LoHi), and Platte Street – this neighborhood has earned its reputation as one of the “hippest” areas in Denver.

Experience the unique blend of historic architecture and new construction that makes Highland and LoHI one of the most sought-after areas in Denver.

LoDo: Step into Lower Downtown, affectionately known as LoDo, and immerse yourself in the rich history that permeates its streets. From iconic landmarks like Larimer Square and Union Station to the vibrant ambiance of Coors Field, LoDo is a neighborhood that effortlessly blends past and present.

While LoDo boasts its share of historic buildings and iconic streets, it is also a testament to contemporary living. Dive into the captivating world of modern art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, nestled within this vibrant neighborhood.

Lowery, Formerly the Lowry Air Force Base, Lowry has transformed into a unique, mixed-use community that offers a vibrant living environment without compromising on city proximity.

Experience over 800 acres of parks and open space within the Lowry community – that’s more than 20% of all park acreage in Denver! Enjoy playgrounds, amphitheaters, a golf course and ice arena, recreation center, and pool just steps away from your doorstep.

But Wait!  There is more!  Let’s keep going!

Denver has gained popularity as a top destination for a reason. With its breathtaking landscapes, thriving communities, and endless opportunities, it’s no wonder people are flocking here.

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Montbello, where history and progress converge. Montbello has grown from a humble neighborhood into its own thriving mini-city, complete with essential amenities and a strong sense of community.

In just a couple of years, Montbello blossomed into a self-sustaining hub. The neighborhood is home to a fire station, a bank, a park, a church, and over 1,200 occupied homes. With over 50 manufacturers and distributors employing more than 5,000 individuals locally, Montbello became an economic powerhouse that brought prosperity to its residents.

By 1970, Montbello had become home to nearly 5,000 residents. An overwhelming majority of over 80 percent were married and under the age of 34. The community was filled with hope and excitement as it continued to grow. “When I first moved to Montbello we were a growing community—a suburban community of hope,” says Martinez, one of our proud residents.

Old South Pearl Street. Over a century ago, trolley cars used to meander along Old South Pearl Street, bringing life and energy to the area. The Town of South Denver was incorporated in 1886, and historic landmarks like James Fleming’s elegant stone-walled estate at 1510 S. Grant St. have stood witness to its early days.

The legacy of South Denver lives on through its historic sites. After James Fleming sold his estate in 1891, it served as the town hall, jail, and library, becoming an iconic symbol of community spirit. Today, we take pride in preserving these landmarks that remind us of our roots.

In this modern era, trolley cars may be a thing of the past, but they have been replaced by a vibrant mix of stroller pushers and bright-hued bikes cruising along the streets. The South Pearl neighborhood is where old charm meets new energy – a place where history blends seamlessly with a thriving community.

Sloans Lake.  If you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood or planning to start a family, Sloans Lake is the place to be. With its strong sense of community, top-notch safety ratings, excellent schools, and abundant natural beauty, it’s simply the ideal neighborhood.

Sloans Lake offers the perfect balance between downtown living and serene small-town vibes. Stay close to all the action of the city while enjoying the peace and tranquility of a charming community. You won’t find a better combination anywhere else.

Get an up-close look at the stunning houses and scenic landscapes that make Park Hill so special. Our interactive article slide showcases captivating images and engaging videos that will immerse you in the charm of this neighborhood.

Park Hill. Mayor Speer’s City Beautiful program that shaped the neighborhood’s design to its proximity to City Park and downtown Denver. Discover why Park Hill is a top choice for homebuyers.

Park Hill not only offers beautiful homes but also outstanding educational opportunities. Learn about McAuliffe International School and other renowned schools that thrive within this community.

Sloans Lake itself is a centerpiece attraction that sets this neighborhood apart. As Denver’s largest lake and second-largest park, it provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities such as biking, jogging, or simply taking a leisurely stroll around its picturesque shores.

Central Park. Formerly known as Stapleton, Central Park is a neighborhood steeped in history.

Since breaking ground in 2001, the construction of Denver’s largest neighborhood has been at the forefront of urban development. Once Denver’s world-class International Airport, it has transformed into a historic district that serves as an urban oasis. The community has recently come together to rename the 12 developed neighborhoods to Denver’s Central Park Neighborhood, capturing the true essence of this hub.

Uptown Denver. If you’ve ever wondered how you can live in a walkable neighborhood near downtown Denver, look no further than Uptown. It’s the perfect answer! Nestled in the North Capitol Hill area, Uptown Denver offers charm, tranquility, and convenience all in one.

Uptown Neighborhood is the epitome of laidback living. Say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of urban life as you meander along 17th Ave, where inviting patios, local coffee shops, quaint pubs, and some of the best restaurants in Denver await you.

Take a break from city life and escape to Uptown’s shaded patios while sipping on a refreshing craft brew. With neighborhood markets and trendy boutiques lining the avenue, Uptown truly offers a slice of paradise where you can unwind and enjoy the good life.

Last But certainly not least!

Washington Park, affectionately known as ‘Wash Park’. This vibrant Denver neighborhood perfectly showcases the best of city living, offering a delightful blend of natural beauty and urban convenience.

With 155 acres of stunning outdoor space, including lush greenery, picturesque lakes, beautiful flower gardens, and a scenic 2.4-mile loop, Washington Park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to exercise, explore, or simply unwind, this neighborhood has it all.

Washington Park is not only home to an incredible park but also boasts a thriving community. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and immerse yourelf in the local hotspots. Don’t forget to visit Old South Gaylord Street – an historic street filled with charming shops and delicious restaurants. It’s the perfect place to shop, dine, and immerse yourself in local culture.



5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

5 Reasons You'll HATE it:


Sunshine and Blue Skies All Year Round


Increasing Cost of Living: Denver’s popularity has led to a rising cost of housing and living expenses.


Public Tram allows you to go to work or pleasure all around the City with out worry of dfiving.


Traffic Congestion: Be prepared for occasional traffic congestion during peak hours.  It seems all hours are peak hours.  But it depends on where else you are comparing it to.



Fantastic Food and Drink – Indulge in a culinary journey with an array of award-winning restaurants, craft breweries, and local coffee shops.

A Thriving Arts and Cultural Scene



High Alttitude-Allergies-and Dry!  Oh My!



Education and Innovation – Denver boasts top-rated educational institutions, research centers, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit that fosters innovation and growth.


Constant growth means constant construction.  


Thriving Job Market: Benefit from a booming economy with ample job opportunities across various industries.


Unexpected Snowstorms That Could Disrupt Your Plans. For some, like me, it is one of the things I love.  


Acing Academics

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Unleash Potential

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Places of Interest

Outdoor Museums

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Denver with our curated selection of outdoor museums. Explore interactive exhibits and stunning displays that showcase the vibrant heritage of this beautiful city.

Indoor Museums

Escape the elements and indulge your curiosity at Denver’s finest indoor museums. Delve into fascinating collections, marvel at breathtaking art, and expand your knowledge through engaging exhibits that are sure to captivate visitors of all ages.

Water Parks

Beat the heat and make a splash at Denver’s exhilarating water parks. Whether you’re looking for thrilling water slides or relaxing lazy rivers, our recommended water parks offer endless fun for the whole family.

Elitch’s Theme & Water Park

Experience non-stop excitement and adventure at Elitch’s, Denver’s premier theme and water park. From thrilling roller coasters to refreshing wave pools, this iconic attraction promises a day filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories.

Historical Parks

Step back in time and immerse yourself in history at Denver’s historical parks. Stroll through beautifully preserved landscapes, learn about significant events that shaped the city, and gain a deeper appreciation for Denver’s remarkable past.

Museums that you must see.

Take advantage of the

City Pass& Culture Pass.  

You have the option of over 14 Museums and experiences.  These are just the begining.  

*I can not endorse Meow Wolf*  It looks freaky!  I have not been and don’t plan on it.  

Denver Union Station

Step back in time and explore one of Denver’s most cherished architectural treasures. From its charming exterior to its beautifully restored interiors, Denver Union Station offers a glimpse into the city’s vibrant past.

Get to know the remarkable life of Margaret “Molly” Brown, an influential figure in Denver’s history. Visit her former residence, now transformed into a museum, and learn about her activism, philanthropy, and her role in shaping Colorado.

The Center for Colorado Women’s History celebrates trailblazers and sheds light on their contributions to the society of strong women.  Yea for Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Western Art. Discover a captivating collection that showcases the beauty and complexity of the American West. From stunning landscapes to depictions of cowboys and Native Americans, this museum provides an insight into the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Experience life as it was during Denver’s early days. Explore Four Mile Historic Park’s historic buildings, engaging exhibits, and picturesque surroundings. Take a stroll through time and get a glimpse of what life was like for Denver’s pioneers.

Denver is home to some of the most thrilling summer theme parks, guaranteed to entertain the young and young. Prepare for a summer full of amusement, fun rides, and exciting attractions catering to all ages.

One of the many thrilling features that Denver has to offer is Water World! Dive into the excitement with this incredible water park that promises fun and splashing adventures for all ages.

Began in 1809. John and Mary Elitch transformed their farm on the outskirts of this little 30-year-old city Denver into a vibrant oasis filled with attractions and wonders. 
Elitch Gardens holds a special place in Colorado’s history as it witnessed significant milestones. It was home to the first zoo west of Chicago, the birthplace of Colorado’s first symphony orchestra, and even housed the first motion picture theater. This sprawling sanctuary also hosted the legendary Trocadero Ballroom, where locals danced and romanced.

The story of Elitch Gardens is also entwined with the remarkable journey of Mary Elitch. Just one year after the couple opened their gates to the public, John Elitch, passed away. She took on the responsibility of running and managing this thriving summer resort. In doing so, she became a successful businesswoman and gained recognition as the only woman in the world to own and manage such an esteemed destination.

Just two short years after Elitches opened its gates, the theater made its grand debut, setting the stage for a century of unparalleled entertainment.

Elitch Theatre was synonymous with excellence. It quickly gained a reputation as a beacon of first-class entertainment, attracting acclaimed actors and actresses from around the globe. Like Sarah Bernhardt, Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Cecil B. DeMille, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, and even Mickey Rooney! These larger-than-life figures graced the stage.  

Ah, “Those were the Days my friend, I thought they’d Never End!”

With the growth of Denver and Elitchs in 1995 Elitch Gardens relocated from its original location near downtown Denver to a new site along the picturesque Platte River Valley. (It is all concrete so can you call it a “Garden”?)  This allowed for even more thrilling rides and attractions to be added, including water slides and interactive play.

Today, Elitch Gardens stands as a premier amusement park offering endless excitement for visitors from near and far. With heart-pounding roller coasters, refreshing water rides, entertaining live shows, delicious food options, and much more — there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

While I understand the appeal of adrenaline-pumping attractions, I can’t help but long for those simpler times.




Washington Park has long been the heartbeat of one of Denver’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant atmosphere that this iconic park has to offer.

With its sprawling grassy fields, Washington Park provides the perfect setting for various recreational activities. Join volleyball enthusiasts for a friendly game or explore your own hobbies amidst a diverse community.

Unwind and bask in the beauty of two picturesque ponds, where you can enjoy fishing or rent paddle boats for a leisurely cruise. Take advantage of the 2.6-mile jogging loop, free from bike traffic, and connect with fellow runners.

By now, this needs no introductions!  It has a long history.  The writers of South Park have purchased this land mark and will be reopening soon.  It was much needed, as the amount of people, years, and grease have worn this place down!  If anyone actually reads this, I would love for you to send me your favorite memories. 

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