Northwest Denver

Discover the Beauty of Northwest Denver

Imagine living in a vibrant neighborhood surrounded by stunning landscapes and endless recreational opportunities. The Northwest Denver Metro Area, including Arvada, Broomfield, Golden, Westminster, Lakewood and Wheat Ridge, offers an exceptional quality of life that you won’t find elsewhere.

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Location of these Great Cities

Discover what makes each neighborhood special. From the historic charm of Golden to the family-friendly atmosphere of Westminster, we’ll help you find the perfect community that matches your lifestyle.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

5 Reasons You'll HATE it:


Proximity to the majestic mountains – enjoy breathtaking views and outdoor adventures at your doorstep.


Everyone else loves the mountains and outdoor adventures.  It gets crowded at times.


Active and adventurous residents – join a thriving community of outdoor enthusiasts always looking for their next adrenaline rush.


It gets crowded at times.  It’s better to find these adventures on weekdays.  Plan your drive earlier then nesscesary. 


Nice weather – bask in over 300 days of sunshine every year, perfect for all your outdoor activities.


High altitude: Adjusting to the altitude can take some time but soon you’ll be enjoying crisp mountain air.


Dog-friendly city: Bring your furry friends along as Denver is known for its pet-friendly culture and numerous dog parks.


It is prohibited to own a monkey or a raccoon.  Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?


Lots of job opportunities: Benefit from a booming economy with plenty of job prospects in various industries.


High cost of living: Denver’s popularity has led to an increase in the cost of living, but with the right budgeting, you can enjoy all that this amazing city has to offer.

A Patchwork of Architectural Styles

Denver is a fascinating city with a rich architectural heritage. From the influences of the first and second World Wars to the postwar baby boom and the artistic movements that shaped our city, Denver’s houses tell stories of different eras and design trends.


Alt Vista Mid Mod

A Slice of History

Before World War II, Arvada was known for its serene farmland lining the railroad tracks – earning it the title of “celery capital of the world”. However, everything changed with the announcement of the Rocky Flats nuclear production facility. To accommodate workers, the Alta Vista and Allendale neighborhoods were swiftly constructed.

Pioneering Developer

Chester Hoskinson, an ambitious developer, contributed significantly to building 97% of Arvada’s housing stock by 1953. Together with his brothers Jay and Leonard, they developed Alta Vista – a neighborhood that opened its doors in 1954 with the desirable mid-century mod design.  



Lakewood’s Premier Neighborhood for Luxury Living!

Discover a haven of exquisite homes in the idyllic neighborhood of Applewood Heights. Nestled in the heart of Lakewood, Colorado, this coveted community offers a diverse range of stunning homes designed to cater to discerning tastes and lifestyles.

Explore the Beauty:

From charming single-story residences to grand multi-level estates, Applewood Heights boasts a rich selection of beautiful styles to choose from. 


New Homes

New homes are being built in certain areas.  Your equity typically grows faster when you get in at the beginning of a community.  Be prepared for extra fees that you do not have with a home that is already existing.   There are pros and cons to discuss when buying a new home.  I enjoy working beside you to help figure out the right fit for you.  


Acing Academics

Looking to find the best schools for your children? We’ve got you covered! Explore and compare the top-rated schools in Arvada, Lakewood, Golden, Wheatridge,  Broomfield, and Westminster.

Unleash Potential

Give your kids a head start with an education that fosters growth. Use this comparison tools  to easily evaluate and assess each school’s offerings, programs, and extracurricular activities.

Your Guide to Success

Make informed decisions that set your child up for success. This website provides detailed information on Charter, Public and Private Schools.  Details on academic performance, teacher-student ratios, test scores, special programs, and more – everything you need to make the right choice.


Places of Interest

If you’re looking for some unique and exciting things to do in the beautiful cities of Arvada, Golden, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, and Broomfield, we’ve got you covered! Here are some hidden gems that you won’t want to miss:

ArvadaCenter for Arts and Humanities

Immerse yourself in art exhibitions or catch a live performance at this renowned cultural hub.

Broomfield 1stBank Center: Check out the upcoming concerts and events at this state-of-the-art venue that

Golden Coors Brewery Tour:

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of one of America’s largest breweries and enjoy complimentary samples along the way.

Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum: 

Discover fascinating mineral specimens and interactive exhibits that showcase Colorado’s geological wonders.

Westminster  Butterfly Pavilion:

Step into a tropical rainforest inhabited by hundreds of beautiful butterflies. Don’t forget to say hello to Rosie the tarantula!

Westminster Standley Lake Regional Park:

Bear Creek Lake Park: 

Enjoy boating, fishing, hiking trails or simply relax by the lake in this scenic park.  You can camp at Bear Creek Lake Park.

Lakeside Amusement Park

One of my personal favorites.  Lakeside Park began in 1908.  Over time it has dwindled in size and popularity.  It still has the original 1940 roller coster, The wooden roller coster designed by Edward A. Vettel, was named The Cyclone.  As a child it was one of the highlights coming to Denver.  It is not like the modern Elitches.  15 of the park’s buildings still stand today.  Including The Tower of Jewles . It was originally topped by a great 10 kilocandela spotlight used on the Ferris Wheel at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. The tower building itself was originally the park casino and casino theater and today houses park offices.  Its charming and not overcrowded.

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